Customer experience: publisher Opportunity recruits its VP Commerce

The publisher of France’s most awarded and recognised customer communications platform (for improving the customer experience and acquiring new customers) has had a memorable 2023. New customers, product innovations (intentional lead generation, RCS campaigns), integration of generative AI into its tools, European expansion. The company is recruiting 4 people. Do you have the level, the desire, the finesse? 

Manuel Jacquinet and Etienne de Tournemire, SFR, client of Opportunity


Anthony Dinis, its founder, is back and still kicking…
… as we wrote a few years ago and again a few months ago. This is good news :

– for the market and for companies looking for growth, because Recordsign or, for example, the first conversational SMS campaigns, the two tools that have revolutionised debt collection and customer acquisition, were conceived, developed and ‘fine-tuned’ by and at Opportunity, in Paris and Sophia-Antipolis.  

– for ambitious men and women with a passion for business. Anyone who has worked alongside the founder of Vocalcom, whether on the rue de Tilsitt or elsewhere, knows that a career spent working alongside this passionate innovator is a founding experience as much as it is an original one. 

4 new positions have been created within the company, one as VP and two as Director of Key Accounts. In a month’s time, another position, that of Showrunner *should be open, in support functions.

Only apply if…
… you’re a madman, passionate about customer experience and perfectly at ease with the tools and technical platforms used in customer journeys. Experience with BPO players will be a real plus. 

You enjoy autonomy and believe in creativity in sales. Opportunity is a truly agile company, staffed just right, so decisions can be made in 30 minutes, without PowerPoint! The pool is Olympic, but there’s no swim lane. 

You’ve got a doer’s profile; you understood that.

Alexandre Micault, co-founder of Opportunity


Here’s what you need to know:
– Opportunity has an ambitious programme for integrating generative AI into its products. There are also vacancies for experienced developers. 

– The remuneration packages on offer are at the upper end of the market if targets are met.

– The Paris teams are based at 121 Malakoff, with part of the R&D team based in Nantes and Sophia Antipolis.

En-Contact is responsible for receiving and screening CVs from candidates.

Find out more about the job profiles here.

Key account managers

VP Commerce development

Showrunner marketing: Job description published on 23 May

Send your covering letter and CV, specifying the position concerned, to

To find out more about Opportunity and why companies such as SFR, Verisure, Bouygues Telecom and Malakoff-Medéric use Opportunity-CRM, read some use cases. 


3 offres adaptées à vos besoins.

Modalité de règlement : par CB ci-dessous ou pour tout autre mode de règlement, merci d’envoyer un mail à


Séjour en chambre single
Repas pension complète
Accès aux conférences

*Société créée depuis moins de 2 ans ou réalisant moins de 450 ke de CA sur le dernier exercice. L’une ou l’autre des conditions suffisant.

1200 € HT Je m'inscris


Séjour en chambre double
Repas pension complète
Accès aux conférences

2400 € HT Je m'inscris


Séjour en chambre double
Repas pension complète
Accès aux conférences
+ le trajet Paris/La Baule avec le groupe

2600 € HT Je m'inscris